N102 final


This is my vectors only picture. I outlined a picture that I took of down town Indy using the pen tool.


This is my typography picture.


This is my TV parody of the Brady Bunch i used lines, layers, and a few other things. the pictures were taken by me and my girlfriend.


This is my picture that sells I used text, a filter, color, and a picture that i had taken.


This is a picture that I redid. i added more color to it.


this is a picture that i did by my own choice. i used a picture that i had taken and messed with the color modes and hues.


This is what i made for the based off a photograph picture. I used a photo that i found from morguefile of a photo book and replaced the photos with a picture of me.


This is my no words photo. its a photo that i had taken that has no words in it and I added a filter to it. I think this makes for an interesting and question raising picture.


This is another one of my own choice photos and. I found the picture on morguefile and i changed the color of the eyes in it.


This is my music photo. I took a picture of dinosaur jr’s set list before i saw them perform in bloomington and i turned it black and white.


This is my photoshop made picture made up of lines, colors, and shapes.


This is my masculine photo. I used many layers and a picture of myself to create it.


This is my feminine picture. I used three photos of flower that i found on morguefile and put a purple to yellow gradient on the background.


This is my picture based off of color. I used a picture of myself, used the blur tool on everything but my face, and gave it a red tent, I think it worked out well.


this is my children picture. I used photos that i had taken and lines in this picture.


this is another redone picture. I added more color to it.


This is my picture about a famous piece of art. I took the famous Andy Warhol idea and made my own photoshop version of it. i took a picture and did various colorization’s to it.


This is my adjective picture. i used two photos that i took and blended them. all photos of me were taken by kelsey huffman.


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