N102 final


This is my vectors only picture. I outlined a picture that I took of down town Indy using the pen tool.


This is my typography picture.


This is my TV parody of the Brady Bunch i used lines, layers, and a few other things. the pictures were taken by me and my girlfriend.


This is my picture that sells I used text, a filter, color, and a picture that i had taken.


This is a picture that I redid. i added more color to it.


this is a picture that i did by my own choice. i used a picture that i had taken and messed with the color modes and hues.


This is what i made for the based off a photograph picture. I used a photo that i found from morguefile of a photo book and replaced the photos with a picture of me.


This is my no words photo. its a photo that i had taken that has no words in it and I added a filter to it. I think this makes for an interesting and question raising picture.


This is another one of my own choice photos and. I found the picture on morguefile and i changed the color of the eyes in it.


This is my music photo. I took a picture of dinosaur jr’s set list before i saw them perform in bloomington and i turned it black and white.


This is my photoshop made picture made up of lines, colors, and shapes.


This is my masculine photo. I used many layers and a picture of myself to create it.


This is my feminine picture. I used three photos of flower that i found on morguefile and put a purple to yellow gradient on the background.


This is my picture based off of color. I used a picture of myself, used the blur tool on everything but my face, and gave it a red tent, I think it worked out well.


this is my children picture. I used photos that i had taken and lines in this picture.


this is another redone picture. I added more color to it.


This is my picture about a famous piece of art. I took the famous Andy Warhol idea and made my own photoshop version of it. i took a picture and did various colorization’s to it.


This is my adjective picture. i used two photos that i took and blended them. all photos of me were taken by kelsey huffman.


102 mid term

This first picture was taken by me. I put a unique type of filter on it, and filled in parts of the photo with the same color as in the original photo.

This second photo is the outcome of a blend mode i used on two photos that i have taken.

this next photo is a combination of a picture of my eye and a picture I got off of MorgueFile, and a little bit of creative drawings i did.

In this picture I used a photo that I had taken of a squirrel, and used a, cool, blur like distortion on everything but the squirrel.

this next photo is a picture that i had taken of my self in a pitch dark room facing a mirror. I ended up turning the photo black and white except for the circles surrounding me, and i changed the colors of those.

this is a photo of a record that I found on MourgeFile, and I made it say my name.

This picture is of my girlfriend and i had cropped myself in it in 3 separate places and changed the coloring of all 4 images.

This next photo is a picture that i had taken and I used the wand tool and paint bucket to edit it.

This next photo I got off of MorgueFile and I edited it to depict how it feels to be left behind.

This last photo i made using a picture I had taken of a stop sign and two pictures I found off of Morguefile. Its supposed to depict two sides of an on going topic in our world.




I really enjoyed today’s class, and for many reasons, too. I was skeptical at first about the group project today. It ended up being a real fun activity, though. I liked being able to use my creative side today. The class conversation at the end was great, too.


I chose to do my fear project on the fear of spiders. My room mate has a fear spiders and I want to find out more about it, and get a better understanding on why he has a fear of spiders. So i devised three experiments, and expected reactions.

1. Experiment #1: Show subject photos and video of spiders.

my predicted reactions;

-Verbal response on how they feel about the images and video.


-fascinated facial expressions at first.

-verbal responses

-Looked away from the screen (in a frightened manner) at the end of the video.

2. Experiment #2: Make subject stand under a spider on a web.

my predicted reactions:

-last ten seconds

-creepy feeling


-Verbal expression

-increase heart rate

-lasted thirty seconds

-nervous feeling

-ran away

3. Experiment #3: unexpectedly surprise subject by throwing a plastic spider ring at him.

my predicted reactions:



-freak out


-Jumped a little

-Got mad  (expected me to do something like this)

With everything that I had gathered from my experiments I had came up with a conclusion of why my room mate has a fear of spiders. He is actually kind of fascinated by them in a way. Its not the spider its self that hes afraid of. He is afraid of what they are possible of doing, the normal prevalence of spiders in our area, and their unsuspecting movements. This project really did give me a better understanding, and incite on a topic i always had wondered about.

What has stuck sideways?

What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far?: 1. The first class; was not only fun, and entertaining, but was the day that we had our first assignment, which has been my favorite so far. 2. Class reflections; not only are they great exercises, but I always enjoyed doing those blogs. 3. My last thing is the fish bowl. That was a very interesting topic.

How has your experience in this class been different from your experiences in other classes? If it has not been different, explain what is similar to your other classes.:

My experience with this class has been tremendously different from all my previous classes, and for a few different reasons. One difference is that I cant think of any other classes from the past that allowed me to be so creative with how to do the assignments. Another reason how this class has been so different from past classes is the things that are discussed in class. I have more differences, but those are my main two.

What would you like to get from the rest of this class?: to be honest i just want the class to remain the same as its been going, because I like it, and I cant think of much more to ask for.