I chose to do my fear project on the fear of spiders. My room mate has a fear spiders and I want to find out more about it, and get a better understanding on why he has a fear of spiders. So i devised three experiments, and expected reactions.

1. Experiment #1: Show subject photos and video of spiders.

my predicted reactions;

-Verbal response on how they feel about the images and video.


-fascinated facial expressions at first.

-verbal responses

-Looked away from the screen (in a frightened manner) at the end of the video.

2. Experiment #2: Make subject stand under a spider on a web.

my predicted reactions:

-last ten seconds

-creepy feeling


-Verbal expression

-increase heart rate

-lasted thirty seconds

-nervous feeling

-ran away

3. Experiment #3: unexpectedly surprise subject by throwing a plastic spider ring at him.

my predicted reactions:



-freak out


-Jumped a little

-Got mad  (expected me to do something like this)

With everything that I had gathered from my experiments I had came up with a conclusion of why my room mate has a fear of spiders. He is actually kind of fascinated by them in a way. Its not the spider its self that hes afraid of. He is afraid of what they are possible of doing, the normal prevalence of spiders in our area, and their unsuspecting movements. This project really did give me a better understanding, and incite on a topic i always had wondered about.


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