What has stuck sideways?

What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far?: 1. The first class; was not only fun, and entertaining, but was the day that we had our first assignment, which has been my favorite so far. 2. Class reflections; not only are they great exercises, but I always enjoyed doing those blogs. 3. My last thing is the fish bowl. That was a very interesting topic.

How has your experience in this class been different from your experiences in other classes? If it has not been different, explain what is similar to your other classes.:

My experience with this class has been tremendously different from all my previous classes, and for a few different reasons. One difference is that I cant think of any other classes from the past that allowed me to be so creative with how to do the assignments. Another reason how this class has been so different from past classes is the things that are discussed in class. I have more differences, but those are my main two.

What would you like to get from the rest of this class?: to be honest i just want the class to remain the same as its been going, because I like it, and I cant think of much more to ask for.


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