What if tigers, didn’t have stripes, controlled the world, didn’t roar, walked on two legs, acted out plays, slept in bed, wore red, drove cars, went to bars, studied the stars, wore shoes, sniffed glue, chewed gum, drank rum, only had fun, built things, made wings, danced, pranced, took over France, free lanced, understood fire, used ice, talked, winked, sank ships, started wars, watched star wars, skateboarded, knew of there own death, studied anything, studied everything, were great at math, got hooked on meth, carried guns, produced bells, all fell in wells, had no tails, told tales, made blogs, burned logs, went to school, swam in pools, replaced they’re whiskers with mustaches, wore eye glasses, drank out of glasses, had thumbs, played sports, had jobs, relied on money.

I Think that they would be just like us.


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