How to “read” a book

Catches your eye.

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Length
  • Chapters

Close eyes and put finger somewhere on page.

  • Blank page.
  • No words.
  • No pictures.
  • Nothing surrounding.

Explain the paper feel.

  • Slick.
  • Slick, paperback.
  • Can’t feel the ink of the printed words on the cover with eyes closed.
  • Different colors do not feel different with closed eyelids,
  • I can discover what the paper says, shows, and bends.
  • The cover dose not have any words on it, just a white background with red lines that make up a drawing of flowers.

How the book was constructed.

  • Not stitched.
  • Glued.
  • All paper.
  • Paperback.
  • No signatures
  • Not much going on with the edges of the glued spine on the book, just a thin line of glue.

Flip through pages/ Look at end papers.

  • In the pictures on some of the page through out the book have writing in it.
  • One of the pictures has the words “Never Healed” on it.
  • It is a tattoo
  • Dose not say who wrote it.
  • It was probably a tattoo artist if i had to guess.

Examine book more. 

  • No stains.
  • Are finger prints on cover
  • Fingerprints are mine.
  • I touched the cover

Look at pages from book.

  • Pages are white
  • Cold and bright.
  • Visual things in the book are; pictures and structures.

History of the book.

  • Little to no evidence show that this book has been handled before by anyone else.
  • Edges are new and sharp.
  • confusion, interest, disinterest.
  • No

Flip through Pages quickly.

  • No sound
  • Can feel breeze.
  • Can move something small with the breeze.
  • Can not win any type of game using this books breeze.

Drop book on floor.

  • Not much experience from it.
  • Totally, felt a vibe from it using my feet.
  • slightly
  • Did not have shoes on in the first place.

Hold book between hands.

  • The book is not cold.
  • slight temperature change.
  • Well, aware of that.
  • From past experiences.

Smell book.

  • Not much smell to it, like, print paper.

Read first page.

  • Society Verse.
  • Title might have something to do with the quote that is on the first page of the book.


  • I notice different this on the book.
  • Assuming I did in the first place would not be an honest answer, so no.
  • books have changed to me in regards of form, found, and relevance.

Think about class.

  • This assignment was “fishbowl” in the way that it made me answer questions about the book that required me to think and look at the book differently.
  • To expand on how we look at books.
  • I can take much from this assignment.

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