What Enslaves Me

Before this semester had started, I was determined to clear my lab top of everything that I didn’t need from the previous semester. I wouldn’t say i was really, excited, or, thrilled, to do this project i set out on, but i was happy to get started on it so i wouldn’t have to worry about it any more. Things did not turn out exactly how i thought they would some files wouldn’t clear as easily, and i lost other files that I needed. There was a number of files that are hidden somewhere that I couldn’t find and i ended up keeping a lot of files too, but at least i got it done. I ended up making a special folder for everything I did keep from last semester, most of it is stuff that i probably don’t need but am afraid that randomly i will need sometime later. As far as the bead project went though, my only real requirement was that it had to be involved somewhere in the final result. It was my own restrictions that were a hassle for me in the end. My restrictions that i made were that i was going to use one recording of the bead and one program to make my song/ beat. I as well wanted nothing else but that one recorded sound clip to be used in what i was making, so that it would be only the bead making up the final result. Do to the program i was using my biggest limitation problem was making every single noise be that one recorded sound clip of the bead. It was giving not only me but my lap top problems, restrictions, and errors through out the whole time i worked on the project. It was very frustrating, but when i was finished I felt pretty good. There are many things that could be improved on my final outcome of the bead project, but I’m not worried about it because Ive never tried anything like it before, and it gave me more experience.


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