Bead Assignment

I chose to make an experiment/ song/ beat, consisting of one sound clip i recorded with my lab top of me dropping the bead on a table,  for the bead assignment. The only program i used to make this happen is the Magix Music Maker 17. It took me about 4 days to do my assignment. Day 1. consisted of getting a good clear recording of the bead that was not to soft and not to loud (its about a 2 second long clip). Day 2. was experimenting with different frequencies, tones, filters, sound effects, volumes, and a number of other things (all on the recorded sound clip of the bead). Day 3. was taking all of my differently tweaked copies of the bead recording and mapping them out to make a beat of some sort. Day 4. was the finalizing stage where i had to mess with some volume settings, format converters, and uploading it on to YouTube. It really dose not sound that good but i have never done anything like it before and i have been wanting to experiment with similar ideas like this one. I have a better understanding and perspective on a few different things now.


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