second blog assingment

There are many challenges i am facing, and more that i will be facing in the Media Arts and Science program at IUPUI. Some challenges are easier than others, but some are not so easy to overcome as well. One easy challenge that can be concord by some dedication and thought is using better listening skills in class. The professors and other instructors are not going to be there during every home work assignment that is given out, and it might take a while to get a hold of them, as well. That is why it is very important to ask questions, listen, and note take while in class so you have a better understanding in not only the class, but in your homework, too.

A tougher challenge that will be met in this program is to be able to learn new programs you might have never faced, or seen before. This is another great reason to be on your a game while in class, because you don’t want to be completely lost in a new program, and not know what to do about it. IUPUI dose offer some great free training classes in some of these programs, but that means you need to find out the times and make time to attend them. IUPUI is well known for its Media Arts and Science program so obviously the classes are not going to be that easy to get through. There are many more great challenges that I could talk about, but those are my to main ones.


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